Even with the year coming to a close, there are still opportunities to be had.Last night I had the chance to cover the Miguel Concert in Toronto. Earlier this year I saw Miguel and Wale Live during my trip to New York. For me, I always enjoy seeing huge improvements in an artist in terms how of well they perform and of course vocally. I always knew Miguel had star quality and raw talent despite what critics had to say about him being a possible one hit wonder. Pfttt.

Only a day later and I still cannot shake this experience. There aren’t too many artists who are able to give you goosebumps and Miguel did more than that. I think he turned my blood so cold I felt numb to the sound of his voice. He has so much control over his voice and he has the ability to play with his sound not just on a record but in person too. I won’t go into too much detail but I think this is a great way to end 2012. I just thought I would share a couple pictures from last night. I will be posting a copy of my event review on www.HustleGrl.com shortly. Until then please enjoy these photos I took with my half broken phone. :)